Details page explained

The Details page is a detailed breakdown of a single performance.


This shows you a high level summary of your performance, including two categories of statistics: Running Stats and Key Performance Indicators. Mousing over each statistic will display a brief description of how it is calculated. This includes the new Impacts statistic, a new statistic only available to users with the new SPT GPS.


One and Five Minute Intervals

This section breaks your performance into 1 or 5 minute intervals and shows you the distances you spent walking, jogging and running as a part of the total amount in that interval. It's useful to identify things in your performance, like tapering off, or increasing running towards the end of a game. 


You can switch between one and five minute intervals with the button on the top right. Beneath the graph in the key it also shows the total distance travelled



The heatmap allows you to see how much time you spend in particular areas of the field or ground. The more red the lines, the more time you spent there. This is useful to identify when players are playing in the wrong areas (or the right ones!).


By default the heatmap is in the Speed view, allowing you to turn on and off your walk, jogs, runs and sprints and concentrate on the important points of a game. You can also switch to the classic Zones view with the button in the top-right corner, allowing you to highlight times you were travelling in each speed zone.

These are the speed values for each of the zones:

  metres/second km/hour
Zone1 0 - 2  0 - 7
Zone2 2 - 3 7 - 11
Zone3 3 - 4 11 - 14
Zone4 4 - 5 14 - 18
Zone5 5 - 6 18 - 22
Zone6 6+ 22+


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