What do the lights mean?

Please note this article relates to the original SPT unit. Please see the User Manual PDF for details on the new unit.

Your device is recording GPS data when both the Log (green) light and the GPS (orange) light are alternately flashing.

If the GPS (orange) light is solidly on, and the Log (green) light is flashing, this means the device is looking for a GPS signal. You usually wont be able to get a signal indoors or next to tall buildings.

If the Log (green) light is solidly on this means that your GPS is full and you will need to erase it before it can record any data.

If the GPS (orange) light is solidly on or flashing, but the Log (green) light is not on or flashing, your device is set to not log any data. To turn logging on you will need to hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds


GPS logging data GPS looking for signal GPS has no more space


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