How do I add people to my team?




  • Lindadudley

    The guide doesn't say what the players who have the code have to do next. So they have a code... so what?

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  • Simon Parr

    "GameTraka works best when each player in your team has their own account"

    OK - but what happens when they don't ?

    We have a couple of units for the moment, I need to test them across several players.

    I cannot figure out how to use the two units on two players in one session and a different two players in the next session. I want to choose what information I share with the players.

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  • Jay

    I have the same issue. We have decided this season as a club to invest in units (rather than have players own their own).

    They are listed as player 1-15 on the units as different players will wear them each session. 

    Is there a way to simply add players (player 1, player 2 etc) as the admin? Then when sessions are downloaded simply assign them to the unit number? Hoping there is a simpler way rather than creating 15 email addresses just to get a functioning team


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