Events page explained

The Events is your teams summary of activity. It allows you to view your different teams games, training and other sessions in a chronological order.

The Event panel on the left shows the currently selected team, with a drop-down menu to select other teams you manage or play for, and an Event timeline allowing you to select events, view statistics and to select performances to see more detail. Clicking on an event in the timeline will update the main display to show that event's performances.


The event summary on the top of the page shows key statistics of the event. Beneath this is the Team Performances Graph, showing you a comparison of all the players in your performance by Distance, Intensity Top Speed and Zone 6. You can also click on a player's performance to the performance detail page.


Beneath the performance graph you'll notice four buttons:

  • The Compare Players button allows you to compare the performances of two players in the same event, contrasting key statistics and highlighting the higher values, and comparing the performance graphs
  • The new Compare Events button allows you to compare two events, showing a comparison between average scores, as well as the top performers from each event
  • Generate Report will generate a printable report about the event containing key statistics for each player, graphs for comparison, and highlighting top performers
  • The new Generate Segments button allows you to automatically generate segments across the event. The tool will create segments based on the performances of each player in the event, and because now segments are shared event-wide, they will be visible (and adjustable) on individual performances

The bottom of the page contains the payers table, showing the players along with statistics of those that participated in the event. This also gives you a shortcut for comparing players.


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