Quick Start Guide

  1. Click here to Download and install Bridge
    1. Bridge is an application that will allow your computer to talk to the SPT GPS.
    2. You use Bridge to download the GPS data onto your computer. 
  2. Create an account on www.gametraka.com using the 'Signup' link in the top right
  3. Charge your SPT GPS
  4. Wear your SPT GPS during an activity and record some data
  5. Plug your GPS into your computer (make sure it's on first) and open Bridge
    1. Press the Download button, which will save your data file (ending in .gps) into a folder on your computers desktop. The folder will be called 'SPT GPS Data'.
    2. Press the Erase button to delete all GPS data from your SPT GPS
  6. Once you have completed the Download procedure, you need to upload the data file to www.gametraka.com - so head to www.gametraka.com now and click the "Upload" button at the top of the page.
That's it!
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